Picture: Nicolas Mansfield

Picture: Daniel Poensgen

Picture: Daniel Poensgen

Picture: Naoko Hoshino


“von mit nach t: No 2”

„Robert Kennedy’s wife Ethel Kennedy, holds his head in her hands. Robert Kennedy with his final breath says, „is everybody ok?“
This is an AFG Eagle Forces Radio Station copyright announcement.
In conjunction with www.neuertanz.com we are proud to present to you tonight the CHA CHA CHA.
The CHA CHA CHA is a wonderful dance, so lovely they had to name it three times.
We had a fantastic show last night. There were many people there who would love to copy us! I can only say, if you want to look like us! You had better learn the CHA CHA CHA A.S.A.P. ( as soon as possible)
The CHA CHA CHA can be found in the moments in between the moments, when all else is silent.
You can never go wrong with the CHA CHA CHA, you are always a winner CHA CHA CHA ist just a party.
Everything in the show is copyright except the CHA CHA CHA, your welcome.
At NEUER TANZ it is a brighter future with the CHA CHA CHA.
My name is Nicholas Mansfield, I’m still the director of NEUER TANZ, fuck you all, fighting on the art front.“

It’s been a long time since the avant-garde ensemble VA Wölfl / NEUER TANZ has made an appearance in Berlin, but now they are back to present their promising new piece “von mit nach t: No 2”. As always, nothing is to be expected from their most recent creation: guns, almost the signatures props of VA Wölfl / NEUER TANZ, will once again play a major role in this new piece, which reenacts the assassination of U.S. senator Robert Kennedy in 1968. We will see bridal ballerinas holding bibles and pistols up in the air, looking as if these attributes of obedience and violence were naturally growing out of their bodies. The ensemble of VA Wölfl / NEUER TANZ naturalizes these evil images so thoroughly that they almost cease to be perceptible. While they lead us into various critical artistic directions, these artists’ approach is much too much refined to be reduced to one simple message.

Every evening with VA Wölfl / NEUER TANZ is a happening that turns the stage into a space of aesthetically conducted research. Here, elements that do not normally go together are combined: militaria meet ballet exercises, angel wings are embedded in scenes of violence, ethereal sound spheres and classical music are fused with Blues and Rock’n Roll elements - and the stage is steeped in monochromatic lighting that is clearly reminiscent of Le Corbusier’s famous keyboard of color shades. In “von mit nach t: No 2”, dancers will take turns posing as astrophysicists and film stars, if they are not too busy beating each other up like professional boxers.
Come in and join us, we’ll fire away – and once again CHACHACHACHACHACHA!

At the festival

August 2016
„von mit nach t: No 2“ Chor(e)ography VA Wölfl
Alfonso Bordi, Montserrat Gardó Castillo, Petr Hastik, Jenna Hendry, Naoko Hoshino, Ondrej Krejci, Nicholas Mansfield, Maki Masamoto, Robin Rohrmann, Kristian Schäfer, Kristin Schuster, Yuki Takimori / Jürgen Grohnert, Achim Niekel, Thomas Schneider, Wolfgang Wehlau, Marco Wehrspann, Emanuel Wittersheim, / VA Wölfl
Duration: 90 minutes