Picture: Ivan Put
Portrait Sebastian Matthias
Picture: Arne Schmitt

Sebastian Matthias / Sidney Leoni

walk+talk berlin

walk+talk is a lecture performance format in which choreographers use movement and words to present their personal movement language and the diverse sources from which it derives. The words, however, are not meant to explain, nor is the movement meant to illustrate the words. Instead, movement and language are treated as equally important forms of artistic expression that strengthen one another. As these forms converge with their subject, they strive for synergy, intertwine, and, as a result, produce a choreographic tension.

In 2008, Austrian choreographer Philipp Gehmacher initially invited ten choreographers to realize the "walk+talk" format with him, a process that produced a truly surprising range of stories and voices. The biennial Tanznacht Berlin and festival Tanz im August now invite Berlin-based choreographers and festival guests to the Berlin edition.
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Maria F. Scaroni | Kat Válastur
walk+talk berlin
Uferstudios | 29.8.
As part of Tanznacht Berlin 2016

At the festival

August 2016