Picture: Dajana Lothert

Picture: Dajana Lothert

Picture: Dajana Lothert

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Anna Halprin | Anne Collod

Blank placard dance, replay

For Anna Halprin’s 1967 “Blank Placard Dance”, 20 dancers moved through the streets of San Francisco carrying empty white placards, which the imaginations of the passers-by could fill as they wished. With her choreographed demonstration, the American dance pioneer was reacting to the Vietnam War and to the social unrest in her own country. Now, in the midst of equally tumultuous times, the French choreographer Anne Collod takes a reenactment of Halprin’s demonstration onto the streets of Berlin. What could or should they be protesting against? And what should they be protesting for?
Route Berlin 2017

At the festival

August 2017
Artistic Direction Anne Collod
Artistic Collaboration Cécile Proust
With Performers and musicians from Berlin
Duration 180 Min
Performance from Gendarmenmarkt (Start 17:30) to HAU2 (End 20:30)

Production: l’association ... & alters. Administration, production & distribution: La Magnanerie. Thanks to: Anna Halprin and the team of Spectacles Vivants du Centre Georges Pompidou / Paris. l’association .... & alters is supported by l’Aide à la Structuration par DRAC Ile de France and is associated with La Briqueterie / CDC du Val de Marne von 2014 bis 2017. “Blank placard dance, replay” is a reinterpretation by Anne Collod of Anna Halprin's “Blank Placard Dance” (1967).

The Audience Engagement formats of Tanz im August 2017 are a project by HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Supported in the context of Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuser by the Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.