Credit: Nelly Rodriguez
Lea Moro | FUN!
Credit: Christophe Martin
Mathilde Monnier & Alan Pauls | El Baile
Credit: Lilja Lehmuskallio
K&C Kekäläinen & Company | Hafed Collage of Differences and Fragility
Credit: Bruce Clarke
Dorothée Munyaneza | Unwanted
Credit: Manuel Vason
La Ribot | Panoramix


Tanz im August 2017 strives to celebrate Berlin as a global dance city. From 11 August 2017, the 29th edition of the Berlin festival Tanz im August will show world premieres and numerous new works from different generations of choreographers with diverse artistic practices ranging from flamenco to butoh, from ballet to dance theatre and contemporary performance ...

Retrospective La Ribot

A retrospective of La Ribot's works (1993–2016)

Throughout the duration of the festival, Tanz im August will be showing a diverse selection of live performances and films by Spanish choreographer La Ribot. A feminist and pioneer of the conceptual dance movement of the 90s – at once challenging and accomplished – she operates at the intersections of contemporary dance, live art, video, and performance art ...

Berlin Scene at Tanz im August

Jefta van Dinther, Sasha Waltz, Lea Moro, Eszter Salamon

The Berlin dance scene is represented at the festival, amongst others, by two world premieres. Jefta van Dinther presents his new work Dark Field Analysis, in which he calls upon the intensity of life, and Sasha Waltz will show her two latest works, Kreatur at Haus der Berliner Festspiele and the world premiere of Women. Additionally, there are productions by ...
The public is once more invited to participate in a series of audience engagement formats: Dance Circles, Meet the Artist, Book Presentations, and the Meeting of Minds have all been created as open audience formats. Once again the Bibliothek im August will be established at HAU2 – the Festival Center – as a space for encounters with the festival artists and the audience, but also as a place for some quiet time ...

Let's go outside

Outdoor performances at Tanz im August 2017

This year’s festival edition presents various outdoor performances: For Anna Halprin’s 1967 Blank Placard Dance, 20 dancers moved through the streets of San Francisco carrying empty white placards, which the imaginations of the passers-by could fill as they wished. Anne Collod takes a reenactment of Halprin’s demonstration onto the streets of Berlin ...

Butoh Focus

Takao Kawaguchi, Marcelo Evelin, Trajal Harrell

Several of the invited choregraphers reflect upon the Japanese butoh dance theatre, from varied perspectives: In About Kazuo Ohno: Reliving the Butoh Diva’s Masterpieces, performance artist Takao Kawaguchi focuses on video recordings of renowned butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno, who helped to revolutionise dance and founded butoh in the wake of ...

Programme Brochure 2017

Available now

As of now the programme for this year's edition of Tanz im August is online, tickets for all performances are in presale. The programme brochure for Berlin's big dance festival is available now at the box office of HAU2 and at all festival venues. Here's the digital version of the programme brochure 2017 ...

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Fri 11.08.

16:00 HAU3 Houseclub

Retrospective La Ribot

La Ribot

Mariachi 17


18:00 HAU1
Festival opening
20:15 HAU1
German premiere
21:00 HAU2
German premiere
23:00 WAU


Tanz im August 2017