Look back on Tanz im August 2016

On the first weekend of September the 28th edition of Tanz im August, presented by HAU Hebbel am Ufer, ended with performances by Meg Stuart at Volksbühne, Mia Habib at HAU2, Nick Power at Sophiensaele, Mithkal Alzghair at HAU1, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko at HAU3 and the closing party at WAU. In 2016, festival has reached more than 17,000 people. The festival team would like to thank all artists, partners and visitors for joining us on this exciting festival edition 2016.

For the 28th year of the festival, a total of 17,300 tickets were issued, and in the final tally, the festival accounted for 95% of the total available tickets. Following the 2015 renovations, HAU2 was once again an important venue for the festival, hosting five productions and, with the new Bibliothek im August, it also functioned as a vibrant festival headquarters where the public and artists could come face to face. In the Haus der Berliner Festspiele, this year’s largest venue, four productions were shown on eight evenings, most of which were sold out. Our new Family Friendly category promoted four festival productions to parents, with children and teenagers receiving reduced ticket prices.  Around 130 children and teenagers made use of this special offer.

All up, 26 productions, around 65 performances by more than 150 choreographers and dancers from over 14 countries were presented at 8 venues right across Berlin. The program of the 28th Tanz im August featured contemporary classics, performances by a new generation of New York artists and a range of new works from international and Berlin choreographers.  

Audience Engagement
As part of the festival headquarters in HAU2, the inaugural Bibliothek im August on the second floor has been an important meeting point for the public and artists, and generated a lot of positive feedback. The library presented books that were selected by the participating artists and which served as points of reference for the works included in the program. In total, the Bibliothek hosted 15 audience events over the course of the festival, including book presentations, Book Circle and On the Sofa events with festival artists. The Dance Circles – an audience favourite – were also held in the Bibliothek, and moderated by the cultural historian and choreographer Brenda Dixon-Gottschild. The Bibliothek im August will be reopened for Tanz im August 2017. In total, around 1,300 audience members took part in the audience engagement events, including around 15 Meet the Artist events, at which audiences were able to hang around after the performances to meet the artists involved.

Photos: Dajana Lothert
Photos of "6: THE SQUARE", "Discotropic", "#negrophobia", "Cypher": Laura Giesdorf
Photos of "Those specks of dust": Dorothea Tuch