Picture: Hugo Glendinning

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Picture: Hugo Gelndinning

Picture: Hugo Gelndinning

Claire Cunningham

Give Me A Reason To Live

This performance is accessible to people with a hearing impairment.

In “Give Me A Reason To Live”, Claire Cunningham delves into the work of medieval painter Hieronymous Bosch, to explore religion, religious art, and our judgment of bodies. Through tests of both body and faith, „Give Me A Reason To Live draws upon imagery of disabled people in Bosch’s apocalyptic paintings to question our present perspectives on “otherness” and “difference”.  Powerfully physical, visually striking, and set to a mesmerising score by sound artist Zoë Irvine, Cunningham invites us to consider our own empathy, sympathy, or indifference in a work of both generosity and brutal immediacy.  She is convinced that in a climate of fear, a society turns against the (perceived) weakest within it – as was already evident in Bosch’s era - and that this behaviour is not only manifest again, but cyclical. As a choreographer and performer, Claire Cunningham is also always an activist: the Scottish artist dedicates her solo to the victims of the Nazis’ euthanasia programs, as well as those who are currently bearing the brunt of the welfare cuts and other discriminatory effects of the British social reforms.

At the festival

August 2016
Choreography and Performance Claire Cunningham
Lighting Design Karsten Tinapp
Production / Technician Gregor Knüppel
Sound design Zoe Irvine
Cello Matthias Herrmann
Additional Music Nesciens Mater: Jean Mouton, Den Tod : JS Bach
Costume Shanti Freed
Mentors Kristin De Groot (Bosch Project), Janice Parker (Scotland)
Executive Producer Nadja Dias
With the support of the Bosch 500 Foundation, Dance Umbrella, Comune di Bassano del Grappa, La Briqueterie, D.ID Dance Identity, Festival CEMENT (NL), Dansateliers Rotterdam, The Work Room (Glasgow) and Dance House (Glasgow). 

Duration 40 minutes