Picture: Thomas Cartron

Picture: Thomas Cartron

Sidney Leoni

Under Influence

"Under Influence" is a feature film by the choreographer, performer and film-maker Sidney Leoni, which portrays the mysterious, psychotic inner life of the actor Julia Gordon. Frustrated by the lead role in a movie titled "Being Kate Winslet", Gordon finds refuge in her imagination. Her inner realm is populated by charismatic characters from the history of film, with Gordon mentally casting herself in their roles. Inspired by classics of the film-within-a-film genre, "Under Influence" is a cinematic labyrinth of associations, desires and fantasies, visualized thoughts, real and fictional worlds, all of which swirl around inside Julia Gordon’s head. "Under Influence" offers a kaleidoscopic experience of identities and cinema as a visual, sonic and physical journey. Sidney Leoni experiments with filmic techniques just as he plays with sensory perceptions in the theater: in a number of his performances, the audience is in total darkness – as in the cinema – and exposed to shifting impressions such as surround sound, live music, smells, vibrations, drafts or fluctuations in temperature.

At the festival

August 2016
Script, Direction and Production Sidney Leoni
With Halla Ólafsdóttir, Christine de Smedt, Steven Wendt, Mariana My Suikkanen Gomes, Alexandra Cismondi, Elias Girod, Sidney Leoni, Zoë Poluch, Manon Santkin
Camera Hoang-Son Doan
Music Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Costume Marie Davin
Editing Denis Leborgne
Sound editing Raphaël Hénard
Production Hiros
Coproduction Beursschouwburg (Brussels), Dansens Hus (Stockholm), Kunstencentrum Buda (Kortrijk). Gefördert von flamish Society, city of Stockholm, Swedish Arts Council
Supported by Montévideo contemporary art center (Marseille), Centre Culturel Jacques Franck (Brussels), Stockholm University of the Arts, PACT Zollverein (Essen)

Duration 75 minutes